Thursday, June 11, 2015

Status, Status, What’s My Status?

by Alan

Which of the many different types of social media platforms have you found works best for you in the promotion of your books and why?

facebook logo I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LibraryThing, LinkedIn,, Google+, and YouTube (and those are just the ones I can remember). Some I’m more active on than others (actually, I mostly just use Facebook and Twitter).

I blog here and (sometimes) on my personal blog (like R.J., my personal blog has fallen into disuse).

I’m on a bunch of listservs and email loops (mostly as a lurker—who’s got time to do all that commenting?).

I also pester people via Mailchimp (rarely).

I have no idea if any of it really works for selling books. I suspect that all the exposure helps, at least indirectly, if for no other reason than getting some people to remember my name is a good thing. If they ever see it again (say, on a book cover), they may be ever-so-slightly more inclined to investigate further.

That’s okay with me, too, because I’m not trying to generate sales directly. I’m in this for the long haul, so I see my interactions on social media as just that—social. I try to be entertaining and humorous. I try to be interesting. I try not to always talk about my books. Sure, I mention them from time-to-time. After all, many of my friends, followers, and all-around homies are interested in my books and writing career.

Bottom-line, I engage in social media not for the bottom-line. I engage in order to entertain, to stay connected, to interact with my fellow readers and writers, and to participate in the larger book-loving community.

And, boy, has that community has shown me a lot of love. When I participated in the Kindle Scout program (for RUNNING FROM THE PAST), my social networks stepped up big-time. The amount of support I got for that campaign was overwhelming, and I know for a fact that it contributed mightily to the book’s success. (And for that, I’m grateful.)

Of course, let’s be real. My number one purpose for social media?

Posting pictures of food (this is my Killer Tofu, in the, uh, flesh).





And speaking of Goodreads, I’m giving away a signed trade paperback of my horror novel, THE TASTE (actually, I’m giving away two copies). Go here, enter, and good luck!

TheTaste_cover_CS for paste in 2


Gerald So said...

Hi, Alan.

To your point, I think social networks work best for people who are naturally sociable. Sooner or later, people who aren't very sociable reveal themselves, and trouble starts because they've embarrassed themselves in media accessible by anyone.

Paul D. Marks said...

Alan, I don't know if there's an immediate direct correlation between social media and book sales. But I think in the long run it might help. You get your name and face and book titles out there and people get to know you and then maybe decide to pick up something.

Meredith Cole said...

Good luck with your newest release, Alan! It's good to use the social networks you enjoy (and let the other ones go...).

Art Taylor said...

Alan, I always remember your question at an MWA dinner when we had a speaker on social media, where you went through the whole list of stuff you did and asked when you were supposed to find time to write.

These are good points all—and I'm going to be echoing them tomorrow myself! (Should've just said, "What he said" and linked back....)

Alan Orloff said...

Gerald - There sure are a lot of people getting into hot water with ill-advised comments on social media. Makes it fun for the rest of us!

Paul - I definitely think there are advantages in the long run. Hopefully, I still be alive then!

Meredith - Thanks. I enjoy Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter. The rest? Eh.

Art - Time to write? Surely you must be mad!!

Catsongea said...

I am just a reader and I really like to know when my favourites release new books. The easiest for me is if I can sign up on a mailing list they send me an email. Otherwise I use 'feedly' and subscribe to their blog, lastly and least productively for me is Facebook because I don't use it a lot and seem to miss stuff. The nice thing about this blog is I can follow a bunch of authors, but not too many and you introduce me to new authors that I sometimes like. Thanks for putting the time in!