Wednesday, October 28, 2015


by Clare O'Donohue

Q: "What motivates you most strongly to maintain your writing life, even - or especially - when the going gets tough?"

Tough going for me is writing fatigue. I write for a living, so coming home and sitting in front of a computer looking to do more writing is sometimes a pleasure (I get to write what excites me) and sometimes a pain (It feels like the work day just got extended). 

What keeps me writing is, in a way, my own laziness. Because I don't create character studies or book outlines, when I sit down to write, I have no idea what will happen. Many times I don't know who the victim will be, and I rarely know the identity of the killer.

My laziness is only exceeded by my curiosity. If the story is compelling enough - if it's worth writing - then I'll keep going to find out what happens. Sometimes I'm disciplined enough to go at it every day and sometimes life, and work deadlines, get in the way.

But I keep returning to the project at hand because if I don't, I won't know who lives or dies, who falls in love, and whether my detective figures it all out.  

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