Thursday, November 5, 2015

Facebook Vu, All Over Again

by Alan

This week’s question is suspiciously similar to a question we had back in June--I’m not sure what the guy posting this question was thinking. (Oh wait, it was me—oops!! Sorry other Minds!). So, I’ll refer you back to that post here.

And, as “bonus” material, I’ll give you some examples of the types of Facebook posts I share:

Food-related, natch:





Random musings:

brownies FB

bank FB

mustache fb

driving fb


Unusual things:

creature FB


Once in a while, I’ll even post something book-related! About other writers’ works:


And my own:


If you haven’t found me on Facebook, I’d love to be your friend! (Twitter, too!)    [Too needy?]


Meredith Cole said...

Your posts on Facebook always make me chuckle, Alan... Except for the flavored candy corn one. That was gross. Why do they always feel like they have to mess with the classics?

Art Taylor said...

You know.... I was thinking this question seemed familiar!
And thanks for including my own book in one of the screenshots here!