Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My own sequel and not someone else's

By R.J. Harlick

Have you ever seen an original film that made you wish you could write a book sequel?

There has been many a film that I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years, but I can’t say that I have ever felt the desire to continue it by wanting to write a sequel. There’d be no fun in it. I would have to use characters fully formed by someone else. I would have to continue a storyline and a backstory established by someone else. It would be too confining and a tad boring.

I would much rather create my own fictitious world, write stories that come from my own imagination and are populated by my own characters. So nope, I’ve never felt tempted to write a sequel to someone else’s story, be it a film or a book.

While I have your attention, why don’t I tempt your interest by showing you photos of where Meg is travelling to in the 8th Meg Harris mystery, due out in 2017. She's heading off to the Northwest Territories in Canada's Far North. By the way, that's me with your friendly neighbourhood polar bear....

First she flies to Yellowknife, the capital, a former gold mining town on the shore of Great Slave Lake. This is a view of the town from Pilots Monument and the gentleman admiring the view is my husband not Eric. I'm afraid Meg's Eric is in jail.

Great Slave Lake, the tenth largest in the world and the deepest in North America at over 2000 feet. The clouds rising from the far shore at the right of the picture are from a massive forest fire that was blocking the only highway to the rest of Canada.

The strange eery light caused by the smoke from this fire.

Out on the land, composed of more water than rock with a scattering of bottle brush trees. The only access is via float plane unless you want to spend weeks travelling by canoe to reach your destination.

A curious caribou in moulting phase. Usually they travel in massive herds, but this was the only animal we saw on this trip into the Barrens.

In the land of the endless dusk this is what it looks like at 2:30 in the morning. The moon was setting as the sun was rising behind me.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed them. No doubt there will be other photos posted as the release date approaches for Purple Palette for Murder.


Art Taylor said...

Hi, RJ -- even if your answer to the question at hand was short, I enjoyed the tour here and am looking forward to the next book. Thanks for the great photos!

RJ Harlick said...

And a super congratulations to you, Art, on your Anthony win.

Art Taylor said...

Thanks so much!

Paul D. Marks said...

I agree with Art, RJ. A terrific tour. Makes me want to go back to Canada, which I haven't been to in some time.

Unknown said...

Great setting - I'm looking forward to reading this!

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