Tuesday, May 16, 2017


"How do you keep the balance between that little world in your head and the real one?"

It does not seem to be a problem, at this point. Maybe someday I'll have to worry, if I start calling my husband Dave instead of Dan, or thinking my Toyota Corolla is an unmarked cruiser.

I think the balance was more difficult in the beginning (a long time ago) when the world I had invented was still swirling in the mists of creation. Then I thought about it all the time, and it became more real than reality, and my real life (except my young son, who beamed through it all like a blast of sunlight) began to get a bit murky at times.

Looking back, I sometimes feel I wasn't really part of the world.

In fact I remember my husband one morning told me quite grumpily that Cal could make my coffee. That was the first warning sign that I was maybe not balancing my lives so well.

These days my invented world -- I wouldn't call it little -- stays where it belongs, and like Susan I can come and go quite easily. I only wish I had more time -- much more time -- to go through that door, and stay in there a while. That's the danger of having too much work on this side, or -- and take heed! -- too much fun, as I've been having this past week.

Not good! Not good at all :)

trying (not so well) to look dangerous in the underground
parkade of the Vancouver Public Library on Saturday,
following Write On Vancouver event
Some news to share: COLD GIRL was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Awards best first novel (!!) and I'm going to the ceremonies in TORONTO on May 24 -- and then to NEW YORK, to Book Expo America, courtesy of my publisher!!

For some this might be small potatoes, but for me it's the adventure of a lifetime, and more than a little scary.

I'm just hoping my stars line up and I miss no flights. Wish me luck!! 


Paul D. Marks said...

Congratulations on Cold Girl, RM. And Good Luck!

Art Taylor said...

Congrats again on the Arthur Ellis nomination! And I think you look dangerous! Great pic. :-)

Dietrich Kalteis said...

Hey Rachel, Best of luck with the Arthur Ellis award, and I hope you have a great time at Book Expo.

Susan C Shea said...

Congratulations on the nomination - it is a big deal!

Rm Greenaway said...

Thank you, Minds! :)