Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Essential costs for Cathy Ace

This weeks' challenge is: 
Make a bullet list of your ideal writing-related expenses. 

Well, you asked.... 

My around-the-world cruise 2019 
(research for new books featuring globe-trotting sleuth Cait Morgan):

Dog-friendly luxury suite on cruise ship (me, dog & husband)   $65,000
Additional suite on cruise ship (for mother and sister)       $55,000
Delivery of Welsh cakes to fifteen ports of call, globally $5,000
Shore excursions to libraries/bookstores  $20,000
Sunscreen $500
Digital camera with good lenses $2,000
Extra hard-drive for camera $200
Photoshop/photo editing software and training $2,500
Dr. Bernstein weight-loss program, post-cruise, for four $5,000
Doggy diet food post-cruise $500

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Paul D. Marks said...

Sounds like a good list, Cathy. But I think you need to add misc. expenses for your time onshore. :-)

Cathy Ace said...

I allowed a bit for refreshing beverages in the "Shore excursions" category. Maybe I should have allowed more for tiny umbrellas ;-)

Susan C Shea said...

Tiny umbrellas, yes! I like your style.