Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Addiction starts here... by Cathy Ace

Hello folks! Because I tend to read in spurts, and get into a series, I'm going to take this chance to point you in the direction of some addictive reads I've succumbed to this year. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! 

Val McDermid: the Karen Pirie books. The most recent title in this series, Still Life, was such a good read I went back to the beginning and started all over again. Val McDermid’s voice through all her work (her recent 1979, Allie Burns #1, was FABULOUS...cannot wait for 1989 to be published!!!) is one that appeals to me, and these Karen Pirie books are “procedurals”, yes, and are set in Scotland, yes, but they are blessed with rather different plot bases than one might expect. As always, McDermid’s characterisations, plots, and pacing, are superb. Worth reading in order? Yes, I’d say so. Start at the beginning and you’ll be sucked right in!

Ken Bruen: the Jack Taylor books. I’ll admit I still haven’t read all the Jack Taylor books (there are now 17, and I have reached #13) but I plan to catch up as soon as possible! I “found” Jack Taylor through the TV series, then read the first in the series, and found I adored the books! Once again (no surprise for any of you here!) it’s the author’s voice that appeals to me – it’s the way he takes me into the raw, dark world of the misfit that he’s portraying that I love (though it’s not always a comfortable place to be).


Lawrence Block: the Bernie Rhodenbarr books. The joy of these books is that they are both utterly "believable" and absolutely buffoonish at the same time. I’d probably pay good money to read Lawrence’s shopping lists, because I really enjoy his voice across all his work (that which I have read so far, in any case) and these books are outstanding. His tales of a hapless thief’s life are utterly entrancing, and make me laugh out loud as I read. Lawrence deserves every award anyone can invent to give him. If you can start at the beginning, then do – but dive in wherever you can!

Jeffrey Siger: the Andreas Kaldis novels.
Set on the Greek Islands, these books are a) worth reading, b) worth reading in order, and c) rattling good books! I adore the chance to escape to the (not so quiet and peaceful) Greek Islands with Jeffrey and Andreas, and find the balance between place, plot, character, and action to be both impeccable and truly engaging. If you haven’t tried them – now’s the time!

I hope you enjoy a bit of travel - because these books will also allow you to do that.'s to the end of another completely bizarre year (for me, anyway). I hope you're able to look back and smile a little, look forward and hope a lot, and are able to connect with those who matter to you in some way that allows you comfort. Thanks for your support from an author who's truly grateful for it!


Josh Stallings said...

Ken Bruen is pure literary crack. Dark? Yes. Bleak? Sure, but they suck you, and don't let go until they are done with you.
I have somehow escaped Val McDermid, now I think I need to give here a read. Thank you for deepening my addiction.

Cathy Ace said...

Hi Josh - oh yes, Bruen!!!! McDermid writes powerfully - whatever she writes, but I am guesisng you'd really like the Tony Hill books, and her standalones (all of which are her darkest!). "Happy" reading.