Thursday, August 29, 2013

And one sink (kitchen)

What a great question!  I've never, in all my list-making, floor-plan-drawing, map-copying, outfit-sketching obsessiveness ever actually thought about what Dandy Gilver carries in her bag.

I know she has little notebooks, because Alec Osborne - her Watson - ribs her about them and lately she's taken up a propelling pencil too.  She has a cigarette case and a box of matches, a lipstick and powder compact, a handkerchief - white lawn, some embroidery, a purse (= US wallet) with bank notes, coins and postage stamps, and a nail-file.

I know she doesn't have any keys because her house is never empty.  If she wants to get in, she rolls up the drive and waits for someone to open the door.  I can't see her with locks of baby's hair or photographs of her husband either, somehow.  Maybe she'd have a scrap of leather from Bunty the Dalmatian's first collar, but even that is a bit mawkish for Dandy.

I imagine it would be quite a small plain thing and easily decanted into an evening bag without a lot of triage.

I, on the other hand . . . here's a run down as of  28th August 2013 in order of excavation: 

promotional postcards for Dandy Gilver
promotional postcards for AS SHE LEFT IT
reading sunglasses
reading glasses
another pair of reading glasses
ibuprofen (I've had a cough)
Strepsils (ditto)
paracetamol (ditto)
another phone
baby wipes
Tigi Bedhead
glasses case
three blue Bic Cristals
skeleton bunch of only three keys and three keyrings because away from home
large pink hanky (was white and my dad's until a laundry incident)
five earrings
toothpaste I bought yesterday and forgot was in there
1UKP off The Guardian coupons from the Edinburgh Book Festival (expired)
wallet containing skeleton staff of only nine cards because away from home
lucky 2 dollar bill
receipts (various (for tax))
receipts (various (for no reason whatsoever))
four business cards from the Crimewriters' Association lunch last Friday
two dead batteries
twenty nine Christmas cards

And the thing is that I only bought this bag a month ago - here it is, isn't it lovely? -

so it's still building up its foundation layer.  There are whole pockets in there I haven't even assigned yet.  There are no wedding favours with happy memories that I can't throw out, no orders of service from funerals that I can't throw out, no 3D specs from films I've enjoyed and can't throw out, my bike lock and front light aren't in there, not a single packet of seeds, no CDs, no unrelated CD cases, no charger cable for either of the phones . . . why it's practically empty.  I could almost be fictional with a bag as empty as that.


Eileen said...

I've seen inside one of your bags! They're impeccably organized.

Meredith Cole said...

I would be a little embarrassed to show anyone the contents of my purse... But luckily it is not quite as bad as when I had a toddler. I would always have snacks stashed at the bottom or my bag to try to prevent meltdowns (for both the kid and me!).

Unknown said...

Brave woman, Catriona. I carry around a lot of stuff too - and one thing I can count on is that if I need a pen, I don't have any. If I don't need a pen, I have 12.

Robin Spano said...

That's hot. I love the green bag.

Lori Rader-Day said...

Twenty-nine Christmas cards goes unexplained?

Pat D said...

I'm paring my stuff down and into a smaller bag too. Why? Flying to Glasgow, Scotland tomorrow for the start of a 2 weeks vacation. Yeah!

Catriona McPherson said...

Lori - I bought them in a sale at a garden centre. Of course.