Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Calling all creative types... by Cathy Ace

Reading - We live in a world of TVs at the gas station, split screens, crawl lines, sound notifications, personal message alerts and a thousand other pipes feeding information direct to our over-stimulated brains. What's the place of books in all of that clamour? Do you worry about the future of reading?

This is an interesting question, because I get the chance to answer it as both a reader, and an author. 

First of all, as a reader I know that books play an important and unique role in my life – yes, I enjoy watching TV, movies, and following the news etc, but books? They take me to a different place than anything I can watch on a screen, or listen to as I drive. They transport me to the worlds the author has sketched, which I then complete for myself. 

Some of my favourite reads

For me, that’s the main difference between books and any other form of entertainment – I get to participate…I am part of the creative process as I read. Yes, I know that listening to a play on the radio (which I often do, thanks to BBC Radio 4, a radio station I still listen to avidly, despite the fact I no longer live in the UK) means I am still using my imagination to complete the experience, but the voices of the actors mean I have more input into their character than simply the words on the page and my involvement…something also true of listening to books, vs reading them. Not bad, but different.

I also very much enjoy watching TV and movie versions of works by authors I love to read. Again - a different experience entirely. 

Love the Vera books - and love Vera on TV...but different experiences

Bearing this is mind, I have to assume that other readers become equally involved in bringing my work to life for themselves – so I believe each reader’s experience of my written work will differ slightly. And THAT’S what breaks through the clamour…the fact that readers choose to focus on my words and my characters and my worlds for themselves…not allowing other distractions to intervene. 

It’s also why I don’t worry about the future of reading; I believe every thinking person will always want to read, as opposed to enjoying other forms of entertainment. And I don’t believe that human beings will cease to want to think for themselves, nor stop enjoying being part of the creative process – by reading.

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Terry said...

"I believe every thinking person will always want to read." Great statement. I hope to hell it's true. And that there are enough thinking people....

Cathy Ace said...

Hi Terry - yes, I believe, and KNOW, there are still a great number of thinking people out there...

Celia Fowler said...

I was getting my tires rotated yesterday, and in the waiting room, the TV was blessedly broken. Everyone waiting with me was either on a laptop, iPad or cell phone. I was too, but I was reading a book, and it was much more enjoyable, and the time went by so quickly (everyone up here is changing to snow tires, so there was an hour and a half wait). I really enjoy your books, Cathy ~

Cathy Ace said...

Ha! I also enjoy reading books on my phone while I "wait for stuff to happen", Celia. So pleased you like my books, Celia - and thanks for the nudge about snow tires...though with it being 20 degrees C outside, and sunny, it's hard to face that reality at the moment :-)