Thursday, July 18, 2013

Logan MacRae, but on another topic . . . my book launch!

I'm reading Close to The Bone, Stuart MacBride's 90mph head-on multi-plot pile-up of a novel right now, since we're on a panel together at Harrogate and it's terrific stuff.  But poor (acting) DI MacRae could do with a break, so I nominate him to spend a couple of weeks in the California sunshine solving my murder.

Unless I'm knocked off in the next few months, in which case he'd only get down the road to Edinburgh.  I'm there for the summer and tonight I was in Waterstone's in George Street doing a launch event for DANDY GILVER AND A DEADLY MEASURE OF BRIMSTONE. 

And the strangest thing happened.  You know that bit in Harry Potter where they zap dormice into milkjugs but the jugs still have tails and fur?  Well, my book popped up again and again tonight.  Blue with touches of blood-red was everywhere.  In the lovely flowers from my oldest friend Catherine Lepreux:
In a hand-felted tea-cosy made by my dear friend Louise Kelly:
And of course in cake form, courtesy of my mum and dad:
Many, many thanks to Colin, the manager, who came in on his day off for the event:
And to Stuart Campbell, my beloved high-school English teacher, who took one look at my train-print dress and reminded me why he was such an inspiration all those years ago by saying "O. S. Nock" (he wrote the book that the illustrations appeared in, you know.) 
I'm feeling very lucky tonight: a wonderful family, fantastic teachers and friends I've known for decades.  Life is sweet and, on balance, I hope Logan MacRae doesn't get the chance to take that trip!


Kristopher said...

Oh my gosh, all of those items inspired by the Dandy cover are so special.

Glad that you had a great launch Catriona.

Meredith Cole said...

Congrats on your book launch, Catriona!

Hope the rest of your trip is lots of fun.

Alan Orloff said...

Congrats on the new book! Cake is always needed at a book launch event.

Robin Spano said...

Love the segue. Enjoy Scotland & congratulations!

Reece said...

Congratulations on the book launch, Catriona! Have fun at Harrogate!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Happy Book Launch!!!