Monday, December 16, 2013

Lists and lists

This is the free-for-all month at Criminal Minds, in which we are all invited to go over the edge and expose our innermost thoughts, intellectual liabilities, and sentimental behaviors. This is not hard for me to do. I enter into it lightly and without the hesitations a more sensible person might have. You are about to get my five least favorite and five fav “things” as of today. Feel free to chime in with your own. Or, skip my blabbing and use your time to wrap presents and drink eggnog.

Susan’s LEAST favorites

#5 Coffee drinks that try to mix mint, pumpkin or other totally unsuited tastes with coffee flavor. Admittedly, I have never tried one, but really…

#4 Large cocktail parties. When I was oh so young and living in New York, I thought they were heaven and aspired to be invited to them every weekend. Now, I invent dying aunts and deadlines to avoid them.

#3 Cheesy Christmas displays in stores, you know the kind: plastic ball ornaments with “Bud Light” written in snowflake script circling the spheres, or tinselly garlands that spell out “Frank’s Auto Supply”?

#2 The fact that we are destroying the precious, almost miraculous climate balance that makes Earth not just habitable, but stunningly wondrous, and all so each of us (me included) can drive to around by ourselves in our own cars and eat grapes in January.

#1 Politicians who gets elected to anything at all and then are totally beholden to those who got them elected and those who may help get them re-elected so they can begin raising money the next day to get re-elected yet again. What a system.

Susan's MOST favorite (and so much nicer to think about)

#5 The writing community, my agent, my friends in Criminal Minds, LadyKillers, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. My peeps, I love you all.

#4 Nelson Mandela, a giant who walked among us. So funny to read criticism of him this week for not ridding the new South Africa of crony corruption and not bringing it to first world economic status in his four years as president. Hello? He walked the walk of reconciliation and negotiated the very existence of the new South Africa, where there is room for everyone to live free. It’s up to the other 47 million South Africans to pull the load now.

#3 Chocolate. Seriously, how could there be a list of favorites that didn’t include chocolate? I liked elegant French chocolates that look like tiny tiles best until I tasted the elegant Berkeley chocolates Terry brought to my last launch party. Bettina swears her native Switzerland makes the best, and Frank gives chocolate tasting parties where we get to sample African and South American varieties. For me, the darker the better, the smoother the better, and the most available the best!

#2 The women in my life who have shown me how to be a better person in their own quite different ways. Some are with us, some are no longer present. You are my guides, you live in my heart, and I love you dearly: Candida, Sister Samuel, Helen, Doris, Ethel, Alice.

#1 My family. Honestly, that’s not a politically correct nod, it’s the truth. Love my sons, my like-a-son, and their talented wives and fiancĂ©es, and the four grandkids who light up my life with smiles, hugs, and invitations to squeeze under the bunk bed to play pirates.



Catriona McPherson said...

I absolutely agree abut everything except the cheesy Christmas decorations!

Terry Shames said...

Okay, let's see. Least favorite? I'll add a couple:
1) People whose lives are basically miraculously wonderful who gripe constantly about the tiniest things.
2) The phony hysteria over the war on Christmas.
Most favorite:
Too many things to count, so I'll just say my fave is the whole of year 2013--many long-term dreams and goals were realized, and more.
Thanks for the post, Susan.

Robin Spano said...

Love it! Your freedom posts are a great way to get to know you.

Robin Spano said...
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Meredith Cole said...

Great list, Susan! My least favorite things are 1) the pressure/attempt to buy happiness this time of year (when we all know "the best things in life are free"), and 2) people who not only do their holiday shopping and send out all their cards by Thanksgiving, but lord it over the rest of us (who are a little behind...). And, yes, family and friends are the best!

Happy Holidays, y'all!

Barry Knister said...

I am with you every step of the way on your Least Favorite list. Except for big cocktail parties. Free drinks are free drinks, end of story. I would also add: young people who consider it the ultimate act of holiday philanthropy to stop texting long enough to wolf down sumptuous means prepared with loving care by others.

Barry Knister said...

Correction: make that sumptuous MEALS. This happens when I eat too many chocolate truffles.