Monday, May 18, 2015

Who Would Have Guessed? Not Me.

Looking back over your life can you see the early clues that you were going to be a crime writer one day?

Nope. Writer yes, hints all over the place from about third grade. Never thought that I might write an entire book, much less three (numbers four and five in process).

I was a reporter for the high school newspaper, a great paper writer in college, a freelancer once my kids were old enough that I could reclaim adult forms of the English language. Served as a newspaper editor and writer, did a lot of high class PR and marketing prose for non-profits. Even learned how to make a case on paper for seven and eight-figure donations, write for the web, and do speechwriting for VIPs.

But emulate any of the crime writers I was in awe of? It took a lot of tiptoeing up to the idea before I got up the nerve to put one of those toes in the water. I’m still in awe of the classic crime writers and the remarkable crop of current ones, especially those I’m privileged to know.

Plug: If you’re reading this and are feeling like dipping your toe in the waters of crime fiction writing, check out Sisters in Crime. No matter how successful any of us are, we remember that beginning, knee-knocking sensation, and we’ll make sure you know you’re among supportive fellow writers who will cheer you, cheer you up, and be the first to celebrate your successes!

-from Susan


Meredith Cole said...

So great to hear about your writing past, Susan! And I second the great plug for Sisters in Crime.

Catriona McPherson said...

And I third it!