Thursday, July 5, 2018


From Jim

In recognition of Mysti Berry’s brainchild and labor of love, LOW DOWN DIRTY VOTE, I’ve decided to freestyle it once again this week and talk about this important new collection of stories. Apologies to Dietrich for posting this one day early. But since today is the publication day, and our nation’s birthday, I took the LIBERTY...

LOW DOWN DIRTY VOTE is a collection of crime fiction from eleven award-winning crime writers. The goal of the anthology is to combat voter suppression, and all proceeds from sales will go to the ACLU to support that fight. These stories approach with the subject from very different angles, transporting readers from the 1880s to Scotland to New England and the South. I’m honored to have a story in this anthology, “Who Is Stuart Bridge?” And friends of 7 Criminal Minds will be thrilled to know that Catriona McPherson has also contributed a moving story, “Twelve, Angry.”

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, I encourage everyone to reflect on the importance of the vote to our democracy. We as a country have fought wars over it. We’ve died for it. Attempts to stifle that right, earned through blood and sacrifice, should be repugnant to all right-thinking Americans. This anthology shines a light on the struggles, the injustices, and the triumphs of people desperate to vote. It is the most American cause I can think of. Today more than ever, we must continue the fight. Buy. Read. Vote. Vote as if your country and our democracy depended on it. Because they do.


FOREWARD BY AMY A. Miller, Legal Director, ACLU
Preface by Mysti Berry
Beached by Ray Daniel
A Clean Sweep by Ann Parker
Absentee by Alison Catharine
Chicago Style by David Hagerty
Operation Fair Vote by Kris Calvin
Civic Duty by Camille Minichino
Momma's Ballots by Derek Marsh, Jr.
Another Statistic by Travis Richardson
Who Is Stuart Bridge? by James W. Ziskin
Bombs Away by Mariah Klein
Twelve, Angry by Catriona McPherson”

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Susan C Shea said...

This is a great idea for an anthology and good for Mysti to follow her inspiration! The list of authors is impressive and the cause...? Well, the cause is everything, isn't it? Thanks for posting and for contributing a story, Jim.

Cathy Ace said...

Thanks for posting, Jim :-)