Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Reading is an Everywhere Sport

Where do you normally read? In bed? A favorite chair? Listen to audio when commuting? 

- From Frank

The short answer is - everywhere.

Like I'm sure many of you do, there's a stack on my nightstand, and a virtual stack on my Kindle app. I read a lot but I wish I had even more time to do so.

When I read at night, in bed, I've usually got one fiction and one non-fiction title going. That way, I can go with whatever I'm feeling like reading at the moment. The non-fiction is usually history, and the fiction is usually crime fiction. But not always.

If I read during the day, and if weather permits, I enjoy the back patio of our house. There's wicker furniture or the swing, so comfort is never an issue. I finally finished James Ziskin's Cast the First Stone out there (a great book autographed by Jim that kept getting bumped by library books with return dates).

But I can read literally anywhere. Like a lot of us these days, I've got a slew of books on my Kindle app on my phone. I'll read one of these if I'm caught somewhere in a long line, or waiting for an appointment, or if I'm on an airplane and forgot to bring a physical book along.

Audio is another great medium that I take advantage of. I like to listen while I'm on a bike ride, a walk, working out (if I'm by myself), or while I'm doing yard work. The distraction of good prose adds to these experiences, making the difficult parts go easier, or providing a soundtrack for the good parts.

Reading is a necessity for a writer. Luckily, it is also a joy.


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Abdallah said...
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Paul D. Marks said...

Everywhere pretty much covers it, Frank :-) . And I envy you guys who can listen to audio books. I just can't -- my mind wanders too much.

Frank Zafiro said...

Thanks, Paul.

And...now I'm getting pitched products in a language I don't speak...?

Susan C Shea said...

Frank, you can delete that from your post...

Paul D. Marks said...

Frank, it might be a language you can't speak but I'm sure it's an item you need.

Frank Zafiro said...

Thanks, SUSAN. The little trash can should have clued me to that. You sure YOU weren't the detective? :-)

And Paul...you're probably right, but I'd better order now, while it is still only $19.95. But wait, there's more!