Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Books for people who "don't read" by Cathy Ace

Books make wonderful gifts. What are your recommendations this year?

Indeed, books do make wonderful gifts. The best gifts. I still have books that were given to me as gifts decades ago. They have traveled around the world with me, have entertained me, have inspired to me to do a great many things in life. And more. So, yes – if you can, give books when a gift is needed, for whatever reason.

Then the question is – which book to give? You might know someone for whom a book with baking recipes is perfect, or who would relish being gifted a book that will allow them to travel more knowledgeably to a place they have in mind…or many other types of books for reasons specific to that person. Great – give them that book.

But…I am going to do something novel (geddit??) because I’m going to match our members’ work with the tastes of folks who “don’t read” – but who really enjoy watching TV/movies. 

Yes, I’m asking you to consider “creating a reader” this gift-giving season. Go on…you know you want to! And, just in case you were wondering, the authors who blog here create work that can satisfy most needs!

Loves gritty, dark, noirish private eye or cop stories like the old Bogart movies,The Wire, "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood", or have a yen for the darker side of things? Give books/collections by Dietrich Kalteis, Frank Zafiro, Paul D Marks.

Loves “gentle crime” like Agatha Raisin, Midsomer Murders? Give Cathy Ace's WISE Enquiries Agency books, Catriona McPherson’s “Dandy Gilver” books, Susan C Shea’s books.

Loves “usually gentle-ish police procedurals” like Morse/Lewis, Vera, Inspector Banks, Inspector Lynley, Major Crimes, etc? Give Brenda Chapman’s books, or Terry Shames’ books.

Loves psychological thrillers and suspense like The Sinner, Sharp Objects etc? Give Catriona McPherson’s standalone psychological suspense books, or Cathy Ace's The Wrong Boy.

Loves period crime dramas like Murdoch Mysteries, Foyle’s War? Give James W. Ziskin’s books, Catriona McPherson’s “Dandy Gilver” books, or Abir Mukherjee’s books.

Loves the classics/traditional mysteries like adaptations of Agatha Christie, or the recent Knives Out movie etc? Give Terry Shames’ books, my Cait Morgan Mysteries, James W. Ziskin’s books, Catriona McPherson’s Dandy Gilver books.

Loves to travel? Choose any of our works…something we all have in common is a real sense of place in our creative output. 

Happy gift-giving season…and I hope YOU get some books you enjoy too (self-gifting is allowed, you know!). CLICK HERE to reach my website. 


Dietrich Kalteis said...

Well said, Cathy. All the best for the holidays.

Cathy Ace said...

Thanks Dietrich, Cathy :-)

Sajad said...

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