Monday, January 6, 2020

Those New Year's Resolutions

What are your New Year’s resolutions? (Give us both writing and others if you have them.)

Brenda here.

A new year. A new decade. This seems an opportune time to come up with some pithy resolutions to inspire and guide me forward. I therefore resolve to think of some.

First up. Writing resolutions.

I have a new book on the shelves at the end of March called Closing Time. This will be the seventh and final installment in the Stonechild and Rouleau police procedural series. So, it's a time to face new challenges and to step out of my comfort zone.

To this end, I spent most of 2019 working on a thriller manuscript, which is a departure for me but one that turned into an invigorating kind of exercise. After submitting the draft to four readers, I took a holiday from writing the month of December. So resolution number one is to get back working at my desk every day ... to reignite the creative flame before it sputters out entirely.

Resolution number two is to complete reworking the manuscript by March and see about finding an agent. I've already begun researching the best way to submit and know that this could take a while, and to expect some rejection. Even having twenty-two books published doesn't mean the next one will be accepted. I resolve to keep this in perspective and not to be discouraged.

Another writing resolution is to look for ways to promote Closing Time and to take every opportunity. I've already got a launch lined up and a signing at my local Coles. I'm working with my publicist to come up with other ideas. Sometimes this means really stepping outside my comfort zone ... but I will stay open and enjoy the ride.

As for my personal resolutions, I make the same one every year -- to be open to new experiences and to enjoy life day by day. I also resolve every year to be more active and improve my physical fitness through exercise and eating well. This continues to be a lifelong lifestyle, but I find that recommitting every January 1st puts new resolve into my regime.

I also resolve to look for ways to be more environmentally aware. I bought 'dryer balls' this week to use in place of dryer sheets and a glass container with a lid (to cut down on plastic wrap). Small steps, but combined with other changes, ones that are going in the right direction. Last spring, I began using my bike to go to the store instead of my car and will start doing so again once the weather warms.

Finally, I'll continue to make more time for family and friends, reaching out to those I haven't connected with in a while. As a writer, It's easy to spend time alone in your own head. Hard some days to be sociable. But the most important thing in life is the relationships you make and cherish along the way.

Happy 2020 everyone!


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Elgin Bleecker said...

Brenda – While I don’t have any great or unusual resolutions to add, I am going to adopt one of yours and try to live by it: enjoy life day by day. Thanks for the reminder.

7 Criminal Minds said...

Thanks Elgin and Happy 2020 to you.