Monday, July 27, 2020

At least we have books

Q: Please recommend an author who may not be widely known to readers and tell us about them and their book(s). In addition, what books are on your bedside table for June and why did you select them for summer reading.
- from Susan
I really enjoyed Kate Ross’s four crime fiction novels (she wrote some short stories too). They’re good mysteries set in the time of fops and dandies – great fun. Sadly she died in 1998, so her creative output is limited. Here’s her Wikipedia entry:
Katherine Jean "Kate" Ross (June 21, 1956 – March 12, 1998) was an American mystery author who wrote four books set in Regency-era England about the dandy Julian Kestrel.
The novels in the series are Cut to the Quick (1994), which won the 1994 Gargoyle award for in the category of Best Historical Mystery, A Broken Vessel (1995), Whom the Gods Love (1996) and The Devil in Music (1997), which won the 1997 Agatha Award for in the category of Best Novel. 

Right now, I have a stack of good books that I’m plowing through, but most are not what you think of as summer reading: a couple about how I need to learn about systemic racism, a geology book, a book of essays by a late writer I admired greatly, Ismael Reed’s latest (because he just did a podcast and it reminded me what an iconoclastic thinker he is), and a book about Zen Buddhism. I do have two books by Criminal Minds bloggers on the teetering pile: Cathy Ace’s The Wrong Boy, and Paul Marks’ The Blues Don’t Care(actually not teetering since it’s on my Kindle).

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Paul D. Marks said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Susan. I'm not familiar with Katherine Ross. And thanks, too, for the shoutout re: my non-teetering book on your Kindle :-) .