Wednesday, August 26, 2020

NOT one size fits Cathy Ace

Reading:  Do you recommend books to your fans? Do you recommend books like yours, or books you enjoy? Have you noticed your book tastes changing during quarantine?

My answer to the first two parts of this week’s question is: If I’m asked, yes, but I’ll usually enquire about who else they enjoy reading before making any recommendations at all. You see, I used to enjoy reading books like the ones I write (surprise!) but my tastes nowadays (the past several years, not just since lockdown) are pretty dark in general, so I might revert to “the classics” to help out someone looking for a traditional read (like my Cait Morgan books), a cozier read (like my WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries) or a tale of psychological suspense (like The Wrong Boy). That being said, I know I have recommended books by every fellow blogger here at 7 Criminal Minds…and I’m not saying that to suck up to them, but because it’s true, and I’m so proud to be one of our number 😊

I’ll also ask someone requesting book recommendations about what they enjoy watching on TV; many people love the on-screen representations of Rumpole, Morse, Vera, Dalziel & Pascoe, Frost, Agatha Raisin, Jack Irish, Jack Taylor, Dr. Tony Hill, Adam Dalgleish etc. but have never read the original books upon which the characters and stories are based, so I encourage them to consider that path…and maybe thereby find a “new” author to read. I’m also happy to talk about what I’m reading at the time, though I will allow them the “out” of that not necessarily being their cup of tea.

Have recently read/reread (almost) EVERY book by each of these authors!

Just because I’m in quarantine it doesn’t mean my tastes have changed, it’s just that they might not be what some folks think they would be: I revel in dark, twisted, and gritty books; profanity laden is fine by me, too. I also like to laugh out loud, but the humor needs to be as dark, sneaky and unforgiving as a ninja’s heart. I tend to not read many historical novels; old and contemporary-in-its-day, yes, but not historical. Never have, so that’s not changed. These days I’m reading nothing but crime fiction (and dipping into reference books, as needed, for research purposes), but I’ve noticed (thanks to writing this!) that, since June, everything I’ve read has been written by someone who is Welsh, Irish, Scottish or English…nothing by an American or a Canadian at all…and they’ve all been set in the UK. I have no idea why, though I suspect it’s because by the end of this year I’ll have missed three trips to see my mother and sister in Wales, and friends in England, (with no idea of when I’ll get there again) so I’m probably pining for Britain/Britspeak. Maybe that’s it.

Have recently read/reread EVERY book by each of these authors - and have The Chain up next

What has changed during quarantine is the way I read, rather than what I read – I am binge reading many/all the books in a series, or many/most/all books by one author…possibly because I know I have the luxury of time to be able to do that. I tend to only read between writing books (I hardly read at all when I’m writing) and I’m between books right now, which is nice (plotting and researching the next one though 😊).

That said, my TBR pile is lurking in the corner and I’ve either got to dust it or read my way through it, soon…and I hate dusting 😉

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Terry said...

Great post, Cathy. Like you, I write a series that is on the non-violent side, and yet love to read mayhem. I'm trying to work my way through a huge TBR file, and being ruthless in whether I continue reading. If by page 50 I'm not engaged, the book gets tossed. But I'm finding some gems that I haven't gotten around to.

Ann said...

You're such a love, Cathy. I adored meeting you in Dallas but confess I have only read The Wrong Boy. So I must move a few of your books higher up in the TBR pile. I don't read historicals either, but I have to recommend one anyway, is free if you have kindle unlimited. It is so full of bloodlust that even I'm getting skittish when reading it alone at night. In the dark, etc. Check out THE WOLF AND THE WATCHMAN by Niklas Natt och Dag. I promise you'll be intrigued.

Cathy Ace said...

Hi terry - I'm planning to attack the TBR pile in some sort of logical way, so am putting trilogies/series books and standalones in different piles to start with. I realise this is about as useful as rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, but I hope the outcome will be more positive! :-)

Cathy Ace said...

Hello there Ann - thanks for the recommendation, dark is good ;-) Dallas feels as though it was a VERY long time ago! One day we'll all meet again, I am sure :-) meanwhile, happy reading...even if it's dark and disturbing LOL!