Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Off pitch by Cathy Ace

Pitch (im)perfect – This week, you’re pitching the worst idea for a crime, mystery or thriller novel that you can think of – give us your synopsis.

This is a really difficult question to answer.


Two reasons:

a) I really don’t want to offend anyone by coming up with an idea they’ve already had/written/had published, and


Let’s kick off with the fact I’m well aware that just because I think something is a terrible idea it doesn’t mean that everyone will agree with me. Indeed, I’ve started-but-not-finished a few traditionally published novels where I’m still convinced the author, their agent, their publisher, and their editors were in some sort of conspiracy to confound or befuddle me, and make me wonder if my world-view is completely off-kilter. 

Also, I usually read notes about a book before buying it, so there are even more I haven’t purchased because I just couldn’t come to terms with the premise. 

It’s a wonderful thing that we human beings all have different tastes and preferences, and approach reading differently…and that means there’ll be hundreds of thousands of books available to me that just aren’t my cup of tea – but others will find, and maybe fall in love with, them…and that’s just fantastic.

So, is it even fair of me to say that this idea, or that premise, is terrible? No, for me, that’s not a step I’m prepared to take. 

Am I a wimp who’s terrified that people will hate me if I make fun of a certain premise? Yes, probably. But that’s who I am. 

So, I respectfully decline to come up with a pitch for a “bad idea”. So (added bonus) no synopsis required - YAY!

PS: there have been a number of what I believe to be “good book ideas” that have been poorly written (those would include the ones I started because I liked the "idea" but never finished because they weren't written in a way that appealed to me), so never give up if you believe you have a good idea…just write the story the best way you can, and that plot might just turn out to be just the one that many readers find, and fall for!

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