Wednesday, September 22, 2021

EARLY PUBLICATION DATE NEWS...vs 'Show and Shine' by Cathy Ace

Please forgive me for ignoring this week's question - I'm keen to show you something else!

I wanted to take the chance to share with you the cover of, and some exciting news about, my forthcoming novel, THE CORPSE WITH THE GRANITE HEART. This will be the eleventh Cait Morgan Mystery, and this time Cait and Bud are in London, just before Christmas. The cover was recently revealed with a fanfare, thanks to Dru Ann Love who also interviewed me here: author interview 

The book is now available for pre-order: CLICK HERE FOR PRE-ORDER LINK 

The link is for the Kindle version, though the book will also be available through Kobo etc. and there will also be a paperback, but no pre-ordering is available for that format, sorry. You can find the ISBN numbers on my website to allow for bookstore/library ordering.

As those of you who follow this blog will know, my plan was to only write one book per year going forward, so that Husband and I could spend more time doing things together, now that he's retired. However, since we haven't been able to travel this year, I put my head down and wrote another Cait Morgan Mystery.

This one has given me the chance to take readers to a city I lived in for almost twenty years, of which I have many fond, and some bittersweet, does Cait, it turns out (funny how that happens, eh?!) Oh - and it gave me a chance to indulge in my love of all things Shakespearean, too! So if you love the way The Bard manages to heap tragedy upon tragedy, while taking you to a special place, inhabited by dysfunctional characters (you know the sort of thing I mean, right!?) then this Cait Morgan Mystery might well be your cup of tea (or should that be 'poisoned chalice'?).

Here's the blurb... 


Welsh Canadian criminal psychologist Cait Morgan, and her retired-cop husband Bud Anderson, are in London, England, to meet their friend John Silver’s freshly minted fiancĂ©e, the daughter of a recently deceased Shakespeare aficionado, and captain of industry. The trip is supposed to be filled with art galleries, good food, and Christmas spirit. However, an untimely death at a posh dinner party threatens to send shock waves through the upper strata of London society.

Cait and Bud’s desire to seek out the truth is blocked by a shadowy figure who’s been tasked with keeping the incident hush-hush, but – as the body-count rises – the investigation develops a dreadful momentum.

This is the eleventh Cait Morgan Mystery, and it finds our usually unstoppable duo running up against the immoveable machinery of power…with tragic consequences.

I hope you like the sound of it!

The other BIG announcement is this: the launch date was scheduled for 29th November, but (and this is a bit of a heads-up, in case you weren't aware) there's a MASSIVE problem in the publishing business at the moment: there's a lack of paper, print, and delivery capacity, so it's going to be a real problem getting print books during November and December...which has led to some delays in publication dates. Being independent means I've been able to negotiate with my editors, and that means the publication date for this book HAS BEEN BROUGHT FORWARD - TO NOVEMBER 5TH 2021. 

If you've already pre-ordered, thank you so very much - because that makes a HUGE difference to all of amazon's algorithm thingies - and you don't need to do anything else, because the book will magically appear on your device on the earlier date.

It's not easy to launch a book when life still is anything but "normal", so this will (once again!) be a challenge...but I hope it manages to find a place on some gift lists! (Yes, self-gifting is allowed.) Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, if you haven't joined Cait and Bud on all their adventures yet, there's still time to catch up. Find out more at my website:

Apologies that this post is all a bit "look at me" and shouty - but I am excited about this book, and am doing my best to make sure it gets some attention :-) 


Clea Simon said...

Pre-ordered! Though why isn't it just "ordered"? And I'm a Kindler so I look forward to having this appear in my library!

Cathy Ace said...

Hi Clea - thank you so much! Yes, I know...the semantics are beyond me ;-)