Sunday, January 23, 2022

Politically Speaking ...

Over the past several years, the US has become objectively more polarized politically. Have you accounted for this in your recent work in any way? If so, how? 

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This week's question is a difficult one for me. I live in Canada (Ottawa) and my books are placed squarely in this country. I shy away from politics as a rule in my stories although I touch on many topical issues. All this to say that the political polarization in the U.S. hasn't had an impact on my writing.

This isn't to imply that I haven't watched in fascination/horror/unease as political shenanigans have taken place to the south of our border over the past while. What transpires in the U.S. always has a significant impact on my country, whether good or bad. Canada's political system, while vastly different, often mirrors the polarized perspectives and antagonism of the Democrats and the Republicans. For the most part though, Canadians are less inclined to identify with one party all the time, or to try to convert others to their system of beliefs to the degree that many Americans appear to do. 

The question might be why I don't focus on politics in my crime fiction since my stories are set in modern day for the most part. While I'm writing about crime and murder (not exactly easy topics), these are whodunits at their core and escapist reading. If you're like me, the political realm is depressing and keeps me up at night, if I let it.  I'm offering readers a break from all that.

If I ever do delve into politics for the sake of a story, I'd likely write about Canada's situation. This isn't something I'm planning though, but I could see a character being involved in politics since I live in our nation's capital city. I also worked in the federal government for over eighteen years and have a good grasp on the inner workings. Time will tell if I decide to mine those experiences.


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