Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Reality and Dreams

Besides writing, what else do you do? What’s on your writer’s bucket list?

Oh , my, what a great topic. I sometimes feel as I I’m running full-tilt toward the end of life, trying to stuff as much in as I can. Here’s my “do” list, followed by my bucket list:’

Workout at the gym three days a week, including step class and strength training.
Three days a week either take a brisk walk or work out on my elliptical trainer or stationary bike.

One day a week hike with friends
Sailing—my husband’s passion, and my indulgence for him. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, too, but it’s really his thing.
Morning stretches. Every. Single. Morning.
Eating well. I like to cook, and try to use ingredients I know are good for me.

Feeding Creativity
Go to art shows

I wish I still had time to paint, but that has fallen away. I still think about it and sometimes look at trees, landscape, faces, and imagine painting them.

I love to cook and to entertain.

Opera, symphony, theater, ballet…never get enough.
TV. There are some great shows. I’m always interested in not only their entertainment value, but how they are successful, or what doesn’t work.
Attend Sisters in Crime and MWA events. Always something new to learn.
Attend writing conferences. This goes under two categories; this one, and the Emotional Health category.


Read, read, read. Everything: Mystery, sci-fi, popular science, literary books, political books, biography, essays. I belong to two books clubs, and two writing groups.
Political interest groups. I have been political since I was a child. I’m passionate about it. I majored in political science in college, and have never stopped being interested.
Attend lectures and seminars, and weekend events like Berkeley Uncharted that is filled with speakers from areas of interest I wouldn’t normally be drawn to.
Travel. Nothing expands the mind like travel. So many places to go!

Emotional health:
Get with friends!
Do what they want to do as much what I want to do. It expands the mind and can be refreshing. I have a friend who is passionate about antiquing and gardening. Neither interests me much, but when I go with her, I come home enriched.
Be with family. I always come away from visiting my son or my sister and her family feeling renewed and content. (Okay, not always—but usually!)
Watch basketball. It’s relaxing, exciting, and I love it.
Attend events and conferences with other writers. It’s nourishing, enlightening, supportive.

Bucket list:
Write and publish more books. I’ve had one book that I’ve toyed with for years that I’d love to put all my time and interest into. And I have three complete books written that need revising, editing and polishing.
Travel to places I’ve never been and yearn to experience: The Galapagos, Greece, sail the Croatian Coast, the Balkan countries (we’re going next spring), Alaska, Iceland, more of Africa

See more of distant friends.
Hike the Pacific Coast Trail
Hike the Appalachian Trail

Okay, regarding  those last two, nobody ever said a bucket list had to be realistic, right?

I’m very curious about what other people have on their bucket lists. Tell me!


Paul D. Marks said...

Terry, I'm exhausted just reading your list ;-) . And when do you find the time to write?

Dietrich Kalteis said...

Hey, Terry, full tilt is the way to go.