Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Time is precious... by Cathy Ace

How do you know when you’re finished and it’s time to submit? Do you take a break or start right on the next one?

This is an interesting question, and my answer to it now differs from the answer I might have given a few years ago.

When I had contracts with traditional publishers I was absolutely deadline driven…insofar as I would work on editing right up to the very last minute, THEN it just HAD to go. Of course it was then going to a publisher who would read it and might give me a bit of direct feedback, or it was going to an agent who might give me a bit of direct feedback….thence to a publisher, thence to an editor, thence to a copy editor with it coming back to me several times, and with my still having the opportunity to change anything I wanted right up until the final, final last minute, when the final copy edits went back to the publisher. So, even when I pressed “SEND” for my already-much-edited manuscript, there were still lots of opportunities for me to make (more) changes.

The only difference in terms of each manuscript now that I am self-publishing my novels is that my editor works for me on a contract basis, rather than for an old publisher of mine. That’s about it. And I can make changes to both e-versions and print versions more easily after publication if a typo is brought to my attention that needs amending.

The BIG difference is that I no longer feel as though I am on a writing treadmill, because I don’t have any signed contracts “telling me” I have a specific deadline for a specific book. Which, I have to say, is FABULOUS! It means I am living more of my non-writing life than before, and spending more time with my husband. Which I shall never, ever regret.

That being said, I just cannot stop myself from constantly plotting, refining and running the movie of my next book in my head…even when I’m doing something else! (Don’t tell my husband!)

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Paul D. Marks said...

I think we're always constantly plotting, Cathy. It's hard to turn it off and switch gears.

Cathy Ace said...

I agree, Paul.