Sunday, April 26, 2020

A Room of My Own by Brenda Chapman

Show us where you work! Please share a photo of your work/writing space, and tell us why it looks the way it does!

I began writing in the living room of our storey and a half,with the television often on and my daughters, who were quite young at the time, playing in the same room. We debated moving to a larger house or putting on an addition. None of us wanted to leave our  neighbourhood so we opted for the addition. My husband Ted said that it would include an office just for me so that I'd have a place to write. This was a generous vote of confidence since I hadn't had anything published yet and no guarantee that I ever would have.

The room is long and narrow with windows at either end. My desk looks out over our front yard where we used to have a pine tree and three mature balsam. Unfortunately, the balsam trees got sick over the years and we've lost all three. We're planning to plant a Japanese maple (or two) this spring and I look forward to the more woodsy view again.

As most construction goes, our three-month project turned into a year but when all was said and done, I had a place to call my own. Our good friend Ken who is a carpenter by trade custom built my desk and the mantel above the gas fireplace, which warms me on the cold winter days. Ted made two built-in bookcases that go on either side of the fireplace. At the opposite end of the room is a reading nook with two leather chairs. Ted and I often sit here before supper and have a drink and discuss our day. It's also where I spend most of my reading time.

Books everywhere ...

As we planned the construction, I wanted a door that led directly into our backyard, and this was built beside the window, which is above one of the chairs. When the weather permits, I open the door and let the breeze and fresh air in. Often, I go outside onto the back deck with my laptop to write or with a book to read.

From the very beginning, I felt comfortable in this space and and have never felt the need to go into a coffee shop or somewhere else to write. My office is a peaceful spot and a good place to daydream.

My daughter's dog George is particularly fond of my reading chair and waits there for me to sit with him on the days he comes to visit :-)


Dietrich Kalteis said...

A very nice space, Brenda, and George looks like the perfect writing companion.

Anonymous said...

An excellent room of your own.

Susan C Shea said...

Obviously, you know how to get rid of clutter, and as a consequence your space has no distracting piles of things. when you want to work, you're not seeing flyers and clipped articles, and garden catalogs, and...I'm impressed!

Brenda Chapman said...

Thanks everyone. I've been working a long time to get rid of some of my clutter, Susan. You don't want to see inside the drawers or filing cabinet :-) George is a real lap dog and a sweet companion.