Thursday, April 23, 2020

The sensible workspace of a serious author, by Catriona

I caught a break here.

My blog duties flew out of my head what with one thing an another and Cathy "not in charge" Ace just jogged my memory.

Ordinarily it would be a big ask to pull a post together in minutes, but this week . . . pictorial blog! Of something that's right here!

So.  Here is a snapshot of my workspace today.

Lots and lots (and lots) of crime fiction, some awards (coughs modestly), and just a glimpse of 1970s Mabel Lucie Atwell prints.

Because this is the angle where the kitsch is almost invisible. Turn the camera the other way and you'll find:

my treasured Moninet clown painting. Dumpster-dived for me by Eileen Rendahl, who had to keep it in the garage until she handed it over because it was too creepy to have in the house. Flanking the picture are a sweet little drum major doll whose eyes follow you all round the room and, the favourite of Jess Lourey whenever she comes to stay, Grandma Shelley. (Quote from Jessie: don't put that shell doll in my room. Quote from me: I don't need to put her in your room; she knows the way.)

Not usually, but at the moment, there's also a sewing station in here:

where I'm turning Neil's extensive collection of knackered t-shirts into face masks, very slowly, since I don't own a sewing machine. It took me just under an episode of 8 out of 10 cats Does Countdown to make one at first but now I can turn those babies out in an episode of Pointless.

God bless Britbox.



Finta said...

Thank you for making masks, no matter how long it takes you. And tell me, have you been cutting your own hair? I’m peering out from under long bangs, but the bad news is this; I don’t have any dark roots. In a way, this is a money-saver. On the other hand, I think my hair has turned white.

I suppose it had to happen.
Ann xox

Maureen Harrington said...

Thank you for this photo post today! I have the scissors out. It's possible I change my mind now, however! Thank you!

Zibbby said...

"I don't need to put her in your room; she knows the way." :D :D :D Perfect!