Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ah, Cabo...

 If you could spend whatever winter holiday you celebrate anywhere in the world, where would you be? Close your eyes and describe the scene.

From Frank

We've spent several winter vacations in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at an all-inclusive resort. Closing my eyes, what do I sense?

Eighty degrees every day. Sunshine. 

Several pools. The beach. Volleyball. Water polo. 

Music playing, everything from classic rock to Mexican folk... with Toby Keith's "Cabo San Lucas" in heavy rotation.

Good food. Not the greatest wine but it's beer weather, and Dos Equis is good. 

Friendly people, both staff and other guests.

A good book all day while sitting next to the pool and soaking in rays and sipping drinks.

Shows in the evening, surprisingly high quality.

A day trip to an island out in the bay.

More good food and beverages.

My wife, able to relax and let go some of that teacher stress. 

Our good friends whose trip overlaps and who we don't see nearly enough.

Ugh. I have to stop. Only a few weeks ago, I canceled our reservation at the resort, as well as all the other logistics -- dog boarding, flight watch, all of it... my wife's sister and husband were originally coming but canceled back in September. Our friends still haven't decided whether they're going. Our dog is old and hasn't done well with boarding in the past. Travel in a still-Covid world isn't pleasant, and restrictions at the resort, while smart and necessary, don't make for a fun way to spend a vacation.

So, we're out. Winter vacation ain't happening. Thus, when I close my eyes, instead of Cabo, I see...our living room. And the hope that one of our binge-worthy shows will have new episodes to stream.

Maybe next year...



I mentioned a good book as part of the Cabo equation. I usually took two with me, figuring that I'd finish at least one in the five days we spend there, mixing in reading with all the other activities. If you find yourself wanting a winter read, may I offer my latest River City installment, Dirty Little Town?

You can get it now on Amazon or other platforms.

Times are tough for the River City Police Department. The city budget is collapsing, forcing an already understaffed department to contemplate laying off cops. The community is upset over the handling of recent events, and their anger is impacting the agency from the ground up. Negotiations with the police union are somehow both heated and stagnant at the same time. To "fix" the problem, the mayor appoints a new chief, but the cure may be worse than the disease.

Worse yet, a killer is stalking the streets of River City, targeting vulnerable women. Rookie detective Katie MacLeod is assigned to assist in the effort to stop him but the case is stymied.

Somehow, the men and women of RCPD have to put aside all of the distractions and focus on their jobs – to serve and to protect.

Takes place in 2003.

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