Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Nadolig Llawen by Cathy Ace

DREAM: If you could spend whatever winter holiday you celebrate anywhere in the world, where would you be? Close your eyes and describe the scene.

Maybe 1965? Rosy cheeked, wasn't I!?

I grew up celebrating Christmas, and continue to do so, though my celebrations have become more secular as the years have passed; I think the last time I attended a church service on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day was about ten years ago. The norm, since I’ve lived in Canada, has been for Husband and I to have Christmas Day alone, with phone calls to our families in Wales during Christmas Day, with our Canadian family visiting us on Boxing Day (NB: yes, Boxing Day is a Big Deal if you’re from the UK).

Last year there was no large family gathering in Canada, and we doubt there will be this year either (part of our family lives in the area adversely affected by the tragic flooding we’re experiencing here in BC at the moment, so we’re not making any specific plans at this time because road closures and gas rationing mean they can't get to us). I mention all of this because it might help you understand why I am about to say this…I know my dream is impossible, but…

Maybe 1966? Ready for Scottish dancing
at the church hall...and those cheeks!!!

In my entire life, I have only celebrated Christmas in two locations: at home in Wales, or at home in Canada. For me, Christmas and home are synonymous...which is problematic when you have family ranged over two continents. Thus, I honestly don’t care about the location of my dream Christmas, nor do I care about the food being served (though turkey with all the trimmings would be nice, thanks), or the gifts (except hugs…hugs ARE gifts, right?)…I’d just like these people to be present, please:

My mother and late father (as they were about twenty years ago…everyone else can be just as they are today); my sister; my husband; all our Canadian family, including our six grandchildren; my brother- and sister-in-law, their children, spouses, and grandchildren. That’s it. Oh, and can we please have the ability to watch as many Morcambe & Wise and The Two Ronnies shows from the 1970s, please? Thanks.

My first or second Christmas, I believe...
 TV rented from Rediffusion

As luck would have it, I was given the chance to talk to the wonderful author Alexia Gordon about Christmas tradtions that mean something to me in this podcast - so if you want to know more about why the smell of Brasso means Christmas to me (yes, Brasso!) check out this link: Alexia Gordon's Authors on the Air podcast

Nadolig LLawen (that's Happy Christmas in Welsh) – from me and mine to your and yours, Cathy x

PS: If you'd like to read books through the Holidays, maybe try one of mine? Lots of my books are set in Wales, or you could travel the world with Cait Morgan! CLICK HERE!


Susan C Shea said...

Christmas in Wales - always sounds magical to me, who's never been there. Maybe Dylan Thomas's story is why.

Cathy Ace said...

Love that Dylan Thomas tale, too! :-)