Tuesday, February 15, 2022

I Sit and Ponder

Sitting around all day isn’t good for us – we all know that. Sitting around all day (writing) is what we authors are expected to do. How do you find a healthy balance so that your body is able to sustain the work your mind needs to undertake? And what are you up to in 2022 that this will help you achieve?

From Frank

The shortest answer is that I should do yoga more often.

When I am practicing yoga, I wonder why in the heck I ever don't practice it. But inevitably, I slide away from being consistent and have to bring myself back to the habit. Luckily, there are plenty of instructional options available (Yoga with Adrienne is my favorite).

I do try to get up periodically and move around, even if it is simply to go refill my coffee cup or get a snack.

I go to the gym three days a week for strength training. Sometimes I walk there and back, which is almost 3.5 miles. Regardless of whether I walk to the gym or not, I try to walk on off days. My distances vary, depending on how I'm feeling that day, how long I've walked the day before, the weather, etc. But the very act of getting out and locomoting helps a lot.

All of this has helped. But honestly, if I can do more in 2022, I will. Eating better is certainly a goal. If I can find a reputable place to try out tai chi and/or aikido. I'd like to. I've practiced various martial arts over my lifetime and have been itching to get back involved these past several years. Problem is, I don't exactly live in a place with a plethora of good options. And many martials arts are not a good fit for where I am in my life right now (and some are outright charlatans, unfortunately).

I used to play hockey a couple of times a week, year-round. When I moved to central Oregon, the possibilities to play dwindled down to once a week, from late November to early March. With Covid-19, the league stopped playing for a year, then instituted so many safeguards that it just wasn't going to be a fun experience, so I've not skated in a couple of years now. I get the need for the safety precautions. I just don't want to deal with arriving at the rink fully dressed in my gear, not having access to a locker room, playing (and sweating), and then driving home in my full gear, stinky as hell.

So outside of going to the gym and walking/running, we mostly come back to yoga. Something I can do in my living room. Something that can be done in short snatches throughout the day.

Yeah, I should really do that more often.


BSP:  My book makes a lousy Valentine's Day gift but a good read. 

(I mean, 4.3 score on over 300 ratings on Amazon isn't bad).


Susan C Shea said...

Yoga! I'm with you: When I do it for awhile, I feel great and wonder why I don't do it every day. But you get a whole lot more exercise than I do, Frank.

Frank Zafiro said...

Or I'm a better liar... ;0)

Josh Stallings said...

Damn… hockey, martial arts, yoga…. Frank you are beast, you just need to get back to beast mode. Street hockey? Solo street hockey?

Frank Zafiro said...

JOSH - Ha! I wish I were doing all of those things right now, is the thing. But one thing I didn't mention is something all the Californians will identify with -- I could start rollerblading again. I just never got the hang of stopping, and once I started playing ice hockey, the method for stopping on the ice has a bad translation to roller blades...