Thursday, February 17, 2022

Jack’s a dull boy

Sitting around all day isn’t good for us – we all know that. Sitting around all day (writing) is what we authors are expected to do. How do you find a healthy balance so that your body is able to sustain the work your mind needs to undertake? And what are you up to in 2022 that this will help you achieve?

by Dietrich

It used to be, I’d get fixed on a part of a story, and I’d get on a writing roll, burning the candle down and refusing to get out of my chair till the muse left for the day, or night. Back then, it was all too easy to get single-minded about it, working on a story and munching Kettle Chips and KitKats. Fueled by early morning coffee and late night ethanol. 

I guess it’s all fun and games till the jeans don’t fit anymore. But, before I needed to let the belt out that extra notch, I realized it was time to swap the KitKats for kale. And high time to find some balance.

Keeping to a routine is a good thing, but changing it up once in a while is even better. My nature is to write early every morning, and I usually do it seven days a week, but once in a while circumstances dictate that I have to switch it up to later in the day.  

Outside of writing, I try to stay open to other activities, preferably finding something else to do that doesn’t involve a chair.   

None of the rest of my pastimes have ever felt as strong as the desire to write, so I try to pay heed to that and make time for everything else in my life. Again, I try to find a balance. 

I’ve always been a big reader, and I love to experiment with different art forms, mostly dabbling in art, photography and playing guitar. But, there’s also getting out for long walks, rolling out the yoga mat, and paying regular visits to the gym. 

The last part of the question asks what I’m planning for this year. Well, aside from finishing the work in progress, I’ve got some ideas for the one after that, which I’ll likely start toward the end of the year. I’m also looking forward to taking part in the TIFA summer crime fiction in Toronto, and there’s a book launch for my next one, Nobody from Somewhere, which comes out in June. And hopefully there will be a few other live events as well. 

On the personal side, I’ve booked a fishing getaway with my son, something the two of us don’t do often enough. And as Covid restrictions relax, there’s a long overdue trip to Europe.


Josh Stallings said...

You said it so well, the problem is always loving the act of writing more than almost anything. Balance... brilliant trick if we can pull it off.

Dietrich Kalteis said...

So true, Josh.