Sunday, September 3, 2023

Casting Call

You’ve done the impossible - sold your book/series for the screen. Who would you choose (living or dead) to play your protagonist? Why?

Brenda here.

A thought-provoking question and one that I've honestly not considered before for my new Hunter and Tate series. I have several reoccurring characters, but the three main protagonists are true crime podcaster/freelance reporter Ella Tate, Detective Liam Hunter and hairdresser/all-around-great guy Tony Venditto.

Ella Tate is in her late twenties. Her main physical features include startling green eyes and short, messy blonde hair. She's about 5'6" and slight in stature. Ella is intelligent, and a loner with little interest in possessions or fashion. Whoever plays her must be on the edgy side. My choice is Jennifer Lawrence.

Liam Hunter arrived in Canada as an Irish immigrant and he's got the brooding, intense factor -- leading-man material. Physically, he has dark, curly hair that he wears too long and black eyes, and he's fit. Colin Farrell would suit the bill if he can play a younger version of himself since Liam is in this early thirties. However, I could handle a slightly older actor in this case :-)

As for Tony Venditto, he's described at one point as resembling a young Brad Pitt. Tony is gay, hilarious and loves fashion. He's also empathetic and kind with hidden depths of pain and spirit. Colton Haynes would make a terrific Tony.

If all these actors signed on, I'm certain we'd have a hit series on our hands :-)


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Jerry House said...

Alas, Hollywood would most likely cast Whoopi Goldberg in all three roles.

Susan C Shea said...

I would never say no to Colin Farrell!

Susan C Shea said...
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